Kinder Scout

Sandstone Caves of Nottingham

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This publication includes the following -

Map of the caves
City of caves
Nottingham's bedrock foundation
The Nottingham Castle Sandstone
History of the caves
Cave dwellings and rock houses
Malt kiln caves
Public house cellar caves
Older storage caves and undercrofts
Tannery caves
Wells and cistern caves
Later storage caves and vaults
Cave tunnels
Carved and ornamental caves
The sand mines
Caves to the north of the city
The tunnels of Welbeck Abbey
The caves in modem times
Air raid shelter caves
Collapse and loss of the caves
Weathering and rock decay
Cave collapses due to water
Failures of loaded cave roofs
Finding the lost caves
Building over the caves
Conservation of the caves
The caves as a resource